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    Hi, hope things are going well for you. Hi to you, friend, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, Not to condemn us, but to save us! Jesus shed His Blood to make atonement for our sins. He paid the penalty for our sins, which is death. He died and rose again. Those who put their faith in Him, will not be ashamed. Jesus saves us. Welcome!

    February 13, 2008
    4:45 PM
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    The God I understod before recovery was also a condemning one. YUK!! I finally found that I couldn't live that way anymore. I made a choice to act as if there was something GOOD about something, and it's led me to find a LOVING Higher Power, as you are finding. It's quite a journey. Glad you're here, email anytime, dee

    February 13, 2008
    8:44 AM
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    You are greater than any evil that can ever happen to you. I commend and congratulate you on the journey you are undertaking. One step at a time. The point of power is in the present moment. May you always be surrounded by loving souls - may you always find comfort, in a human, a sunset, a sunrise, a cherished pet. I'm omnireligious -- I don't "belong" to any creed; I attend many different types of churches. I believe we are "made in the image and likeness of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is within each and every one of us" -- there is no greater power than that - it's all inside of us. Have you read Louise Hay? Are you taking supplements and eating well to rebuild your body, mind and spirit? Everything is connected. Even on a budget, there is plenty to choose from (I myself favor the no salt canned veggies -- I love mint tea cuz it helps digestion, and I am a Chicken Thigh fanatic) Wishing you the very best!!

    February 12, 2008
    1:21 PM
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