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    November 6, 2008
    3:18 PM
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    Hey there friend in Christ! Although it may seem that things are not turning out the way we anticipated; we have to know that there is someone we can always trust; GOD! He is always there; we may not see Him physically but He is in every breath we breath; every human touch; every heart beat. He is present in our children; family; friends; and pets. He is present in our hearts. Don't give up my friend; for although we haven't found Him; He has found us. GOD BLESS YOU!!

    August 31, 2008
    1:56 AM
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    i know what you are going through,i also am divorced,seven years now after 7 years of being is hard to find someone who can encourage you in your emotional need,iam still waiting for God to fix the mess i made of my life.i find it hard to let go of the problems i have...ppl tell me to let go and let god,and honestly how do you do that?that would mean im no longer in control and for right now i dont know what he has in store for me..i guess thats why i joined this site,hopping to get answers to my many questions...

    lydia g
    July 21, 2008
    1:14 AM
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