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    Saturday, June 12, 2010, 5:11 PM [General]

         A divided house shall fall! This is true, very true. Of course it is God has already told man this through Christ many years ago. So do we as people really understand the great signifigance that is within this simple sentence? Not only do we consider our country sepereate from another but we also become seperated within our country. We let our opinions influence a relationship with others and create diversities because we tend to believe that our opinion is superior to another. What a load, huh. Indeed we are different and have different ideas but we all change and grow. Everyone goes through times of confusion and we tend to seperate ourselves from others because of the differnces. But do we ever stop to realize that:

      First; God fixes the problems and corrects each individual according to ones ways, we can only help to reveal the truth that God has revealed in our individual lives.

       Second; it is our differences that should bring us together. We should not be seperated because one believes slightly different than we may. Maybe God has yet to reveal the truth to you or even the one opposite of you

       Third; When we are seperated from another believer than you know that we have some growing to do. God did not intend for Christians to be seperated but united, together, one body working simultaneously. Which brings me to this...

    Seperation is in fact a peice of the puzzle involved in the works of chaos. To seperate Gods creation is a tactic of war. Everyone knows this saying...divide and conquer! We have to stop seperating one from another because of how our simple eyes may perceive things. We cannot live as God intended if we continue to seperate people and things. Yes, there are alot of unique and different people but remember that we are all just one simple creation through Gods spoken word. We should remember that we may all live as those of the circumcision if we are black, white, smart, stupid, big, little, scientist, or preacher. If we continue to keep ourselves seperated from one another because of the ignorance involved within our own shallow human minds, are we truly trying to follow Jesus Christ? We tend to think that our ways and thoughts actually mean something while ignoring the fact that Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and His way is not our way but His thoughts and way is higher than ours. Let's put away our selfish opinions and feelings so that we may open our hearts and minds to the truth of Gods word. As we exclude our inferior way of living God may then work through us. Then we may be able to minister the word and really help another who is in need of the presence of God. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world... Let Him guide you as you let go of your perception of what life is. Let Him bring us together and our differences will no longer exist. Do not keep your eyes closed to the truth involved in this short message.. seperation is a war tactic, don't let the true enemy keep a veil of darkness over your eyes any longer. Do not let the prince of the power of the air succeed at seperating us. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I shall be his God and he shall be my son. Take a stand and start the change. It's a long hard path but anything worth it does not come easily.

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    Where Are All the Little Angels?

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 4:55 PM [General]

    I would like to thank someone out there and if you read this you know who you are.

    I had read a journal on here the other day about the disrespect that our youth have for people. This journal was one that I had to reply to as I am a father of an 11 yr old, 8 yr old, and also a 2 yr old. They are so much more respectful than all the others that I see them around and that worries me for them. I hope that they do not lose their focus and forget how they were raised. I'm sorry, I am not here right now to brag or share concern about my own, this is a world wide issue.

    Now, as I was saying...I read a journal then had a dream concerning the same issue, or at least I believe it is the same issue. I had dreamed about trying to help organize a program for the youth at the church I attend. I believe that this would be a great thing to do, although I would need help from someone who can explain things and teach children on their level. As in one of my journals I spoke of those who were trying to change society and being sincere in doing so. I am sincere in the love that I have, for those who follow us especially.

    Children and youth need to be able to associate with others who follow their heart. It can be a devestating thing for a smart, caring child to grow into the coldness of this materialistic world. There are those who are being raised properly and that is wonderful, but take into account, the majority of children in this world are being raised through t.v., movies, and music not by there self righteous, unjustifiable parents. It's a shame. We have to take care of ours first, right? Well, now, that means also showing everbody else's child also, considering the fact that these are also the ones who your child shares alot of time with, at school, friends houses, birthday parties, etc... Any other decent parent out there should be plagued with these same thoughts, and if you are one of these parents, what are you going to do about it?

    I don't want any arguements or negetive responses, I only what those who truly care to think about the next step. If anyone is serious about this issue, I would love to talk to you about it.

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    A Test of Faith!

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 2:36 PM [General]

    Let me start with a brief story of my test.

    I have recently been arrested for something that was not fit for incarceration (in my mind). The circumstances are really not of importance but the outcome is of the utmost importance.

    Recently I had been feeling weighed down for days prior to my arrest. Along with this God had also let me know to fast from certain things that my earthly self desires. Uncertain of what was coming I felt distant from my spiritual self but continued to pray and believe in God (and his children).

    Now, as I am divorced, I had my children untill Monday at 3 pm. At this time I had taken them home and then preceeded to return to my apartment. While on the road I had this feeling to turn around and go somewhere else, knowing that if I returned home I would not be resting my head there come nightfall. Overcoming my nervousness I did return home. By 4:30 pm there was a knock on the door and not to my surprise there stood three cops ( 3 was definately a surprise though). I felt like I had robbed a bank, even the arresting officer could not understand the situation and circumstances, and the fact that three of them came for me was even a mystery to him. The important thing... although i felt devestated my faith did not waiver as I immediately began to give God thanks for my release, knowing that He was not going to let me suffer for these things.

    I was put into a holding cell I went deep into prayer for some time. I had been wanting to pray in complete solitude but this is not how I expected to do it. As I continued praying, not just for myself but those who were worried and also upset with the situation, I began to feel High (that is the only way to describe it). Upon opening my eyes the cell did not look the same and I was seeing lights all around as it looked as the walls and floor itself was breathing, living. As I felt the light of God I also looked at my hands and they were covered in red. I knew that God was with me and his children were also. I continued praying almost the whole time that I was in the jail, on the way to court, through the situation I kept talking to God without a doubt knowing he would protect me from the wordly suffering I was confronted with. I did not waiver nor did God!

    We can all hear Gods Word but to live by that Word is by far a blessing in itself. Do not doubt God for you also doubt yourself and are destined to fall in the end. While leaving behind a world of sin, letting go of my earthly desires, I have found that the devil (by whatever name he may be called) is still trying to bring the darkness and confusion back to my soul. Now that I have realized that not only does Gods Light shine through his children but we are Gods light, The darkness that once consumed my soul has no place with me. The light of God has no shadows, it is pure light!

    Praise God

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    Who am I?

    Sunday, October 25, 2009, 3:23 PM [General]

    Lately I have been wondering who am I and what am I capable of? While reading through various books researching spiritual beliefs since the the first records were kept, I have come to realize that we (people) have grown up blind for the most part. As religion and science has been seperated it seems to be bringing up doubt of God (not in me). Some saying that science proves God doesn't exist instead of seeing HOW God DOES exist. It seems that the more some people understand science and can explain more scientifically it never has to do with the wonders of how God created us and how we need to function as spiritual beings entangled with a world of flesh. I got off my thought though... I am starting to see some of what we are capable of as spiritual beings. I am a christian, although I do have a mixture of pagan, budhist, taoist beliefs also. Alot of my beliefs I have never been taught but I have felt these pulling on me my entire life and I don't know why. I am not sure if it is from a bloodline from Hungarian Gypsies, reincarnation or what. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable in some churches and I am never really too sure why. These are some of my initial thoughts that I am wondering if anyone else can relate to? I know some can but will you reply to me?

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    Ever Ask God Why?

    Sunday, October 25, 2009, 2:41 PM [General]

    Throughout my life there has been incidents that I can never figure out why or how this kind of thing would happen. One of these incidents especially stands out, the death of my daughter. At this point in my life I could not figure out why This would've  happened to her or my family and I was constantly asking God, WHY? It seems now that God is telling me to do these different "rituals" or make sacrifices in my life. I wouldn't say that I heard Gods voice, it was more like a whisper that told me certain things in my life to start focusing on. Now, some of these "sacrifices" I don't understand right now. I have been told that what I am doing is fasting from my family and other christian followers. The thing that I don't understand is that why so many different things at one time and why certain things that are not forbid in any way in the christian religion? I can understand most of these "sacrifices" except one. I have heard that you are not supposed to tell others when fasting but I am hoping that maybe someone can help me to find an answer...I cannot eat meat, any food containing meat, cooked with meat...can anyone tell me why meat? Should I even be asking or should I wait for God to answer it?

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    Be Careful What You Ask For

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 3:02 PM [General]

    I have always heard to be careful what you ask for. I think that I have finally realized why. I have prayed for certain things throughout my life and recently I have asked for myself (Which personally, I feel is unworthy to do). I have come to understand that when you ask for something, God will test you to make sure that you are worthy. It seems that I have had to go through many personal issues this past week while searching within myself for the salvation that Christ has offered to us all. I only want true freedom within, not the illusion of freedom that we percieve as americans. Yet this true freedom is a much harder journey that I had previously believed. I am realizing that the soul has alot more to learn to be worthy of God. God is within us and yet it is a long path finding him. The closer I have been coming with realizing God, the "devil" seems to be close also. Is this the dual nature that Egypt mentions? 

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    What are They Preaching?

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 2:38 PM [General]

    I have recently been wondering what the church has been preaching about. I know that with most preachers the main focus is to save souls, and that is great. Now, this is where I start to get lost...

    As some sermons continue the pastor may take some quotes literal while others are to be interpreted as this or that, all the time it seems that some of the teachings within the Bible are flat out ignored. The disobidience of the average christian seems not to be an issue within alot of churches..believing that Christ died and because of this Heaven awaits all who my opinion that is not so. There are still certain rituals that we are told to follow as believers, so do those who ignore these rituals really deny themselves the real chance of Heaven? How are these rituals or rules ignored within a church of God that preaches the word of God?

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    Do We Here God?

    Monday, October 5, 2009, 5:16 PM [General]

    I have been seeing some of the most unique things in my dreams. Waking with the feeling that this was an actual occurance, or a real conversation. Is this God telling me that I do have a destiny on the path that I now walk. For so long I strayed in a dark place and now I have (and am) rediscovered what I believe to be the the unity in which God created the heaven and the world. In realizing this I have been seeing things (in dreams) that shock my conscious physical existence, leading me to believe that the spirit truly has the ability to overcome all of this 'material mentality' that we are engulfed in. I have learned of our connection with each other as well as our connection to the universe. So now my question is, does God whisper to us in our sleep or is this the reality that we haven't been able to process throughout the day? One in the same?

    Acts 2:17 'And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams.

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    The Age of Aquarius

    Saturday, October 3, 2009, 11:17 AM [General]

    Have we been alerted to the coming of the age of Aquarius? Throughout history it has been said that humanity across the worl had become parallel to the characteristics of the ages. If this is so, we are changing now! With the age of Aquarius we may become more productive than the generations preceding  ours. I honestly pray for this scenerio. The downfall with the age of Aquarius, it has the potntial to be very destructive! This concerns me as we have all seen what is happening throughout the world today.

    Rather anyone else will admit it or not, God did create all the living organisms, the Earth, stars and other planets as well as the galaxy and the universe to funtion together. I do believe that God created this unverse the way that he created man, the minute parts funtioning as a whole to keep us healthy and alive. In this manner the Earth could be but an organ within the universe, helping to maintain the function of Gods creation. That would leave us as cells flowing throughout, supplying the Earth with the it's  necessary ingrediants. This is to say if we are not cancerous cells spreading a disease that will destroy life.

    Now that is said let me continue. As humanbeings we are made up of a large part of water, a receptive, female element. Does this mean that we are receptive to our own thoughts as well as other individuals and groups, the environment as a whole, and also the sun, moon, stars, and other planets. If so that means that we all must learn what is happening to the world within and around us as well as outside of our atmosphere. We may be able to help the age of Aquarius become a more productive time if we respect Gods creation as a whole and act accordingly to his heavenly influences.

    Isiah 40:26 Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, calling them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

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    Wher's the Map to Heaven?

    Friday, October 2, 2009, 4:48 PM [General]

    I have recently started to think that it is not as easy to get to heaven as some may assume. So many people ask to be forgiven for the same sins over and over while not learning from their mistkes, paying tithes trying to buy their way in, and disregarding their own true nuture as well as others. I have began to think that maybe, just maybe God won't accept me if I don't accept myself, why would God want me if I don't know my TRUE self. If I can't see the world as God intended it to be seen would I really be worthy enough to see heaven? By accepting myself I accept the sciences that make up my physical nature and also that of the surrounding lives (not just people), my philosophy about life(and death) and the world,universe, and the math that this is made up off and keeps it all funtioning. Aknowledging my life and the surrounding lives I have realized that I have grown up in a lie made by human's devious minds. As I have been seperating myself from certain lies concerning my physical existence I have awakened something inside more receptive to what God is showing us all! Can I really accept the truth? Who knows the truth? As I have had a certain feeling and belief for no none reason while growing up from a small boy, I am begining to understand it 20 and 25 years later. Who said God doesn't talk to us? Who here on Earth has seen heaven? Sometimes you have to follow what God tells you, not what others tell you.

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