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    Sunday, January 9, 2011, 7:32 PM [General]

    This weekend was wonderful! I actually had a great time with my family for the first time because I now have the freedom to be me and not put on a show trying to coform to their standards. You know what happens them? You realize you were wronng and they wanted you to be YOU all along. I made my life difficult for no reason.

    I wish everyone could feel the freedom I do by just being.

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    the Beginning of my New Beginning

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 12:54 AM [General]


    Today has been very exciting. I listened without hiding behind my belief that I am SO Spiritual and some kind of advanced spiritual soul. By acknowledging, owning and accepting forgiveness to this Truth I opened the door to my New Phase in Life.

    The purpose of this phase is to be fearless and free. I will complete this phase with the assistance of this blog and allowing myself to communicate fearlessly and freely in order to create miricles and transform countless lives.

    I will openly recieve the energy you provide me, knowing the truth, that we are all one and together travel the sacred journey to our deepest truths.

    I know what I know because first I know then I experience.

    Thank you so much for listening and all the loving energy we now share.

    -Rita 010411-# for my new phase

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    Fewdom is

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 9:25 PM [General]

    knowing time and death don't exist.

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    Trust in Truth: Be free to be free to be free....

    Sunday, September 19, 2010, 8:10 AM [General]

    Dear Rita,

    Words cannot express the feeling of fearlessness. I know there is no such think as time or death. I know that we create our lives through either accepting our unbelievable responsibility or hiding from it behind fake truths.

    I have decided to accept my responsibility to free humanity, to show them TRUTH. The truth there is no truth. Reality is that you hold all the power in the universe. You are God and you are the one who creates suffering or love; you are the one who is to blame for all that is wrong in this world. You are fearful of Real Reality and you hide behind the fake one made up by scared beings.

    I am free because I do not think. I follow my energy, allowing my body to move freely through different dimmensions allowing me to create the world.

    Yes. I AM the one responsible for the current world. I am the one fixing the world you destoryed.

    I am because I own the power now. I have no fear for I know truth. The definition of Truth is

    "I know what I know."

    There is no other way to describe the responsibility or power I embrace. You hide from your life because you fear the fact that you are responsible, that your power is responsible for the world today. You are a coward though, because you KNOW without a doubt, the Truth. The Truth is all there is and it is so hard to understand the power and responsibility you have to create.

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    My Soul, always by my side

    Friday, May 29, 2009, 2:49 PM [General]


    Meditation to ‘Come with Me’ –Pdiddy Godzilla soundtrack


    I imagined myself running with this song blaring in my ears when I was 15. I would rewind the tape and play it over and over while jogging.


    All my thoughts, energy, and emotions consisted of thinking about how much hated who I was. I had a good body, nice, athletic, funny, and pretty – why did I have to try so hard to be accepted with (what I thought) no luck? What was wrong with me?


    My life was consumed with trying to be someone I thought was worthy of being wanted.


    ‘Come with me

    Hear my cries

    Hear my calls

    Give me your ears’


    ‘Why attack me

    Backstab me

    Break the faith?’


    ‘Come with me.’


    ‘You can’t run

    You can’t hide

    No surprise

    Come with me.’


    ‘I’m here to stay

    Forever and ever

    And a day that’s



    Over and over. I listened to my soul screaming, begging to be heard; for me to understand the message blaring in my ears.


    ‘Close my eyes

    and I see

    You standing there

    I cry

    Tears of sorrow

    I die.’


    Telling me that I am the one P Diddy is talking about. I am the one refusing to accept my identity. I am the one who, one day, will stop hiding from the truth of who I am and make a difference for humanity, to free the world. I am the one who will present humanity with their truth – their importance and show them the love and acceptance I so longed for in the past.


    I am different for a reason. My life experiences allow me to understand the human condition personally. These experiences give me the courage to be bold and stand up for those in need. Because of the extreme misery I endured for the first 25 years of my life I simply don’t give a fuck what people think about me. I am aware of who I am and prepared to fulfill my calling and nothing will stop me from assisting those in need or loving those who feel unloved. I’ve been there and I know I was created very different from others for my purpose.


    I love myself more than most because, through self discovery, I realized that the uniqueness I tried so hard to hide (from myself and the world) is what makes me so amazing. This self-love allows me to love others unconditionally. How can we reach out to another if we don’t have strong devotion to our individually? My presence and self acceptance will show others how special they are as an individual person and that their life is important.


    Throughout the 25 years of my misery, depression, anxiety and self hatred I now realize I was never alone. My soul never abandoned me and was always by my side sending me messages which only now I am beginning to understand.


    This new understanding of my soul’s constant presence throughout my life gives me the fearless courage I will need to fulfill my calling: to free humanity.

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    Journey Begins & Journey Completed

    Thursday, May 28, 2009, 5:12 PM [General]


    The Journey Begins & the Journey Complete


    In 2005, when I was in college I had to take Photography 101. I hated any class that had to do with creativity because I had such anxiety and depression that I feared creating anything that would be different or draw attention to myself. So I focused on making sure whatever I did would be viewed by my colleagues as ‘normal.’ I could not figure out how to use Photoshop. I tried so hard to learn the program but was constantly worried about what others were thinking of me or if they were LOOKING at me. I ended up with a B- because my professor felt sorry for me and knew how hard I tried.

    Last week I was going through a box of old journals and stuff I just found. I found some pictures I had printed off from Photography class and was reminiscing how much I hated myself in those pictures and what a gift my anxiety and depression turned out to be. They were of my ex fiancé and me on a nature walk, camping, at home, ect – then I found two pictures of what I think were flowers (they were so overexposed I really don’t know for sure what they were).

    I thought: “These are beautiful!” I decided to paint them while thinking about how grateful I am to have come so far and how even the most terrible experiences can become gifts.


    The Journey Begins


    I painted expressions of the ‘flower’ over three pieces of glass laying next to each other to create three paintings of one picture. They are amazing! I left the background black as to show ‘the beginning of the journey and how you get that glimpse of the Light but there is still darkness you must travel through.” I have them in my office now and stare in aw of them every time I see them. Actually, I stare in aw at all my pieces because I still cannot believe I created them (I know God does most of the work).


    The Journey Complete


    Words cannot express my love for this piece. I had painted a colorful mountain on glass and washed most of the paint off before painting the flower on the glass. I didn’t (actually I never do) know what I was doing or why. When I turned over the glass it looked like a beautiful bright sun shining through the outline of a mountain. I was shocked. So I painted the sky and clouds one the back board and mounted the glass on the frame. I painted the frame red so it is bold and stands out because of the light colors in the painting.


    The names of the two pieces are self explanatory and very fitting.

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    Buddhism/Vanilla Sky/The Matrix/Fight Club

    Monday, May 11, 2009, 6:31 PM [General]

    I recently read a book by Deepack named 'Buddha.' Amazing book - one which cast a spell on me as the truth. It is true that each and every one of us are one. It is true that once you become enlightened nothing and nobody can stop you. You just ARE. Nothing else. You are about to be killed by lions, however upon seeing a strawberry you say 'ahh, so...' I just doesn't matter, yet it matters so much.

    Nobody is in control of anything. We just 'are.' Choosing to just 'be' is the most empowering choice you will ever make.

    I believe in nothing, therefore know everything. This is truth if you understand the truth behind this is actually that you belive in nothing as everything. The truth is that your life is just a dream that will one day flash before your eyes. Watch Vasnilla Sky and you will get this.

    Lately my research has lead me to some wonderful movies which I now understand the meaning behind. Movies such as 'The Matrix' (meaning - we are all Neo and it is all of our jobs to find the truth behind our 'reality'), Vanliia Sky (meaning - life is a dream and it is our choice how that dream ends) Fight Club (meaning - we all have an ulter - ego and it is our job to be our TRUE self and that self can do amazing things).

    I could go on and on...however it is your job to do your own research and find your true self. My advice is to never doubt your intuition. You will find your core self who is all powerful and can do anything as long as you trust.

    Lots and lots of love to all! Rita

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    Journal: 2008: three

    Monday, March 30, 2009, 12:25 PM [General]


    October 2008: Realized – beyond doubt – I am an artist

    “Much of what the artist is about is the reconciliation of opposite states and the coexistence of opposite thoughts. To such people (me) someone who thinks in a very linear way is strange.”

    “Brain imagery has already illustrated one aspect of the creative process: the indivisibility of ideas and feelings.”

    My Response:

    In reading this book I have found – and am SO greatful for this – that I have ALWAYS BEEN an artist. I have always been the way I am today, I just didnlt want to show the world. I was scared of failure. I was so concerened with being someone I an not that I never knew who I was. I fooled myself. Through treacherous work I and soul searching I have uncovered – me – an artist. Finally I have proof that I have always been an artist. The description of my

    disposition has always been the same. I just never wanted to know me – to know God – and the journey it took to get here will be shared with humanity in the hopes to help others – “FREE THE PEOPLE.”

    JOURNAL: FEEL GREAT INTERNALLY! My detox is going great. I accidently had ½ a bag of M and M’s while tired when I woke up this morning. I won’t let it get me down though. I’m coughing up mucus and my internal self – stomach – feels so clean! I’ve never felt this way before!

    I got art books, movies, and how to sell art without galleries books at the library. I feel relaxed and know God wants me to focus on studying art and the marketing of my art now. I need to know more about my calling – not just that I am an artist.

    Journal: Mark Rothko: Light Red over Black – a brush with art (internet article)

    Yesterday at the library I picked up a book and this article fell out. I thought “probably nothing, but I’ll take it and see.” WOW! Mark Rothko is just like me in his spiritual existence and the way he paints. The painting 7 x 5 feel is Red background with 2 black rectangles. Looks like nothing – however it is amazing and it cannot be done by anyone as it may appear.

    God gave me more proof in my work. Any artist must feel the same as me about criticizing them, no matter how much education they have. My art is so spiritual, so emotional and the way I embrace it and love it as I know not I created it but God. It makes me very self couscious to get out and prove myself. I feel unworthy of it. As if I am not good enough to show the world my art. Now that I am getting my physical self whole, I think it will be easier for me to get out there.

    The fact that God just handed me this article – UNREAL. I feel as if I am almost there – almost able to prove myself as an artist. To take the critiisizm, to be able to explain spirituality to others through my work.

    “…which pulls the whole together to create a calm, contemplative atmosphere. Certianly his approach to his work is a spiritual on, and he constantly denied that the relationship between colors were important for their own sake; in an exert from a conversation with Seldon Redman he shows his concern with spirituality:

    “The people who weep before my paintings bave the same religious experience I had when I painted them. And if you, as you say you are moved only by the colour relationships, then you miss the point.”

    ANXIETY, ANGUISH, DESIRE, TERROR: 4 human emotions art has to cut through.

    “Rothko thought art could change the world, really believed this.”

    ART – wordless teaching, antidote to the triviality of modern life.


    *worked fast

    *burning desire to do something about the modern world

    *called his colors performers

    *only interested in creating basic human emotions – people cry when they see his paintings


    This movie moved me so much I am positively confident in my work now. From now on when someone asks me what I do my answer will be: “I’m an artist” with a straight face and no explaining.

    I see exactly what Mark Rothko saw, experiences, felt; the energy, the knowledge that nothing matters. We both see everything as one, we know God and are extreamly spiritual. We know what we are and are not scared or ashamed of who we are. We are different, creative, energetic, emotional, and know that the truth will set us free.

    We know our job on this earth, our purpose, is to set people free. We know how important our calling is and are not afraid of the consequences; of what people think, say, and do. We know in the end, if we just be ourselves, we will find eternity in Heaven, as everyone else will, only our job is to make people be still and know they too are different and important. That God is inside them just as much as He is inside us. They just don’t see it. The people we will help will go on and make the choices that matter. They will find God.


    Creative Exploration – when humans began creating images again after 35000 years.

    TRANSE – why? (shaymen)

    *go to help the sick find the spirit world

    *women make powerful rhythmic chant

    *shayman dances in the middle – looses himself in the rhythem – lost himself to what is going on around him.

    *then fall to the ground and loose consciousness. They say while they are unconscious they die, enter the spirit world and heal people.

    First Rock Painting

    *pictures are not about everyday life – they are about spiritual experiences and trance.


    *altered state of consciousness

    *first thing they see is zig zag lines / grids

    *see their cause wired into the human brain. Our brains have not changed from the way they were at the beginning or time

    *if put into a trance we respond the same way as our ancestors would have from the beginning or time

    “We, as humans, remain as powerless now as we ever did to the persuasive power of art.”


    I just awoke from hypnosis. Mother Teresa came to me and told me she has also bee guiding me – not just Megan and my grandpa. She said God made me  a lot like her as one of His diciples when I told her I was absolutely unworthy of her presence. She said she has been with me for a while guiding me while I am helping other people. She told me “Never pity another human, its disrespectful, just love them.”

    Mother Teresa’s Advise:

    *develop my plan for dealing with the public

    *how I should present myself

    *what to say

    *answers for questions

    Mother Teresa told me at first it will be hard for me to talk about God, however I need not worry. He understands and is already aware of this. I will develop my presentations to be similar to Micky Hoven’s (only about freeing humanity from themselves).

    I remember crying during her presentation at the Woman’s Showcase.

    When my mom asked me why I was crying I said:

    “Because that is me in the future.”

    Mickey was graceful, dark hair, skinny, welcoming and gave me the best advice ever (not that I thought so them) when I asked her how to go about becoming a Life Coach when I couldn’t find any in the area.

    Mickey Hoven’s Response:

    “You need to pray to God to show you. You are not meant to be a Life Coach if you cannot find any in this area – they are all over.”

    She was so amazing and so loving to me, hugged me. I guess one day I will be giving others advice straight from God just as she did to me.




    After my walk yesterday with Michelle and explaining my proof of God and painting “The Sun II” I’ve decided not to speak about happiness, spirituality, etc but to become an art history teacher – to explain art and how it formed humanity through the ages because God is art – art is God


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    new painting descriptions and quotes

    Monday, March 30, 2009, 12:00 PM [General]




    “Your identity is in eternity, and your homeland is heaven.”

    Illumination (Freedom before)

    “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

    New Vision (b4 trespassing and untitled)

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


    “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”


    “I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.”

    Un Named

    “When you look at something and LET IT BE without imposing a word or mental label on it a sense of awe and wonder arises within you.

    Its essence silently communicates itself to you and reflects your own essence back to you.”

    Self Aware

    “Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, and know that everything has purpose.

    There are no mistakes,

    No coincidences,

    All events are blessings given to us to learn from.”

    Fear (yellow hour glass – was sunrise)

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”



    You are the on who holds the key.

    You are the one who has the power.

    You are the one who can unlock the door.

    You are the one who has the power to lead yourself to the point of self-discovery.

    Keep searching.

    Magnetic Energy (big paint splotches – was the cat painting)

    “They were lively and engaged,

    extremely present,

    involved in the moment,

    often funny,

    yet profoundly at peace.”


    “The human soul is a living, dynamic evolving system in consciousness. It is a field of infinite possibilities where anything is possible.”

    City in Heaven

    Becoming “in tune” with the Universe – You are fine-tuning your senses , which means you are getting ready to sense, to see and feel, many things you were not able to before, things that are of the spirit world.


    “Peace is less about real life lining up according to our desires and more about our desires lining up to real life.

    Spirit River

    “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essentials of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach,

    and not,

    when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

    Ancient Ritual

    “Someday after we have mastered

    the winds,

    the waves,

    the tides,

    and gravity

    we shall harness…the energies of love.

    Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

    Power of Passion


    “I will find joy in my life, and good things will cone to me.

    I will life my face to the sun and bring light into my life.

    I can be happy, I will be happy.

    I will smile, I will smile, I will smile.”

    Free Bird II

    “Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

    But when the trees bow their heads,

    The wind is passing by.”


    The aura is associated with all living things, every living thing has an aura.

    The aura is made up of different types of energy.

    This energy manifest above and beyond the surface of the skin.

    The aura is a very subtle interaction of energies, and surrounds the human body for a distance of yards.

    There are many layers, colors, shapes, and patterns to the aura.

    The characteristics of the aura change according to the mental, physical and spiritual, or inner state of a person.

    The aura is a pure field of energy.

    My Soul

    “Your personality comes from your genes, therefore, it is a material expression. And your individuality is the personality of the soul.”

    Energy I

    “Color is inward and alive. Indeed the men of science tell us it is an intense vibration, almost a quick pulsation of life itself.”

    Soul’s Forest

    “We as individuals are a power source, a living, breathing, mass of energy, energy of various kinds and strengths.

    When we die the soul, which is the source of our energy, removes itself and takes it’s energy with it.”

    Green Night

    Love is a commitment – in everything:

    Love stays when it wants to go.

    Love accepts when it wants to reject.

    Love does what it doesn’t want to do when it doesn’t want to do it.

    Love gets above the “can’t stand this person” moments and, squinting, forces itself to look at that someone the way God looks at them, seeing them flawed, yes, but filled with potential.

    Love is a commitment to keep choosing love…even when you don’t feel like it.

    House in the Sky

    “The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth. Something will come forth from that dimension into this world, something of infinite value that otherwise would have remained unmanifested.”

    Inner Space (oranges b4)

    “When you become aware of your inner body, what is really happening is that the intelligence in becoming aware of itself.

    99.9% of the physical body is empty space!

    Although inner space has no form, it is intensely alive. The “empty space” is life in its fullness, the unmanifested Source out of which all manifestation flows. The traditional word for that Source is God.

    Sunrise is Paradise

    Inner Space - the gap of alert attention before your mind names or interprets what you see or hear. Leaves you “speechless.”

    3 Feathers

    Nature – the creative power of the universe.

    At the height of creative activity fueled by enthusiasm, there will be enormous intensity and energy behind what you do.

    Be (You)

    Through complete acceptance of the form of the Now, you become internally aligned with space, which is the essence of Now.

    Through acceptance, you become spacious inside.

    Aligned with space instead of Form: This brings true perspective and balance into your life.

    Shining Star

    “You need to loose yourself to find yourself.”

    Soul Mates

    Be true to life by being true to your inner purpose.

    As you become present and thereby total in what you do, your actions become charged with Spiritual Power.

    When you meet someone – give them your full attention. You are no longer there primarily as a person, but as a field of awareness, of alert Presence.

    Van Gogh

    “I can’t change the fact that my paintings don’t sell. But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worth more then the value of the paints used in the picture.”


    “Don’t let fear paralyze you.

    Celebrate your life as a precious gift


    Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

    Fearless Determination (white glass frame I painted)

    “But I have to keep on going my on way. If I don’t do anything, if I don’t study, if I don’t search – then I am lost. Then God help me!

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    Journal 4: 2008

    Monday, March 30, 2009, 11:57 AM [General]








    Plato’s expression for care of the soul:


    The craft of life.



    To live with a high degree of artfulness means to attend to the small things that keep the soul engaged in whatever we are doing, and it is the very heart of soul-making.

    To the soul, the most minute details and the most ordinary activities, carried out with mindfulness and art, have an effect far beyond their apparent insignificance.

    Art is that which invites us into contemplation. In that moment of contemplation, art intensifies the presence of the world.

    We see more vividly and more deeply.


    When imagination is allowed to more do deep places, the sacred is revealed.

    “The soul of a piece of art is known intimately, not remotely.

    It is felt, not just understood.”

    When we allow ourselves to exist truly and fully, we STING the world with our vision and challenge it with our own ways of being.

    Repetition is Death.

    Repetition defends against the rush of individual life.

    It seeks the deadly peace of a culture that has banished surprise.


    “Transparent man, who is seen and seen through, who has nothing left to hide, who has become transparent through self-acceptance;

    his soul is loved,

    wholly revealed,

    wholly existential;

    he is just what he is,

    freed from paranoid concealment,

    from the knowledge of his secrets and his secret knowledge;

    his transparency serves as a prism for the world and the not-world.

    For it is impossible reflectively to know thyself:

    Only the last reflection of an obituary may tell the truth,

    And only God knows our real names.”



    Courage, like risk, is absolutely relative.

    What is courageous to one person may be fainthearted to another.

    Risk is whatever scares YOU. It is the threshold we are required to cross before we can lean down to our passions lying dormant and kiss them awake.

    A threshold is a place of passage, a portal through which we pass from here to there and

    From known to unknown.

    But it also means a measure of endurance.

    If we can increase our threshold for crossing thresholds,

    Then we can transcend some of the limits of life,

    And we can change our lives in the most prodigious ways.

    “There is a very clear link between courage and the degree of meaning in someone’s life;

    the sense,

    at a really deep level,

    that you KNOW why you do things,

    you know WHAT your life is about.

    Most fear is fear of the unknown,

    But when you can answer this root question of what your life is about,

    That root insecurity is dealt with,

    And dealing with it makes it so that no fear is as bad as it was before.

    The more meaning,

    The more courage,

    And the less fear.”



    I had a difficult time trying to get up and paint tonight. All is right for my painting (atmosphere, nobody here, creativity ect.).

    However, I could not JUST| DO IT!

    I am afraid.

    Afraid things are different with Logan being here and maybe painting is not my calling. Maybe I should be a mom and not paint anymore. I know this is wrong and I must take time to paint. I feel God and meditate on that and it frees me to paint. I will not be less of a mom if I feel the calling to create paintings.

    I also think varnishing impacted this. I don’t know why. I have felt God has given me the opportunity to varnish garage doors for maintenance in the morning and I love it like I love painting glass. I am alone listening to my IPod with lots of great country music and I am free to dance and be in the moment.



    “We risk going beyond the limits we’ve set for ourselves tward the primitive fears of rejection and failure that are attached to the idea of risk.”

    “We go tward the shadow sides of ourselves, which we try to hide even from ourselves – the

    timidity and indecisiveness,

    the fear of change,

    the fear of being a beginner.

    We move tward the possibility of flawed efforts and risk taking,

    And we don’t like our flaws.”


    You must be willing to devote yourself to the risk taking that MUST be undertaken if a calling is to be affirmed. (my risk: public speaking and showing my artwork to others)

    It is the courage to step past the point of no return,

    To acknowledge that all our mightiest refusals are mere resistance.

    At some point, we have to stop preparing and jump,

    Realizing that:

    “Beyond a given point we are not helped by more knowing, byt only by living and doing in a partly self-forgetful way.”


    If you aspire to peace, you will have to sacrifice your own projections, stop making spittoons of other people – making them receptacles for your untidy judgements – and stop imagining that you could cast the first stone with impurity.

    “Give up your good Christian life and follow Christ.”

    If a sacrifice doesn’t put you out, doesn’t hurt a lot, its probably insufficient to bring on the changes you’re after.


    I feel called to share my art and writing with the world, but I am only able to show it to friends and family, I’m not stepping all the way to the plate.


    “Giving my mirror picture of ‘God and Woman’ to the girl (My resident) at Pointe West who was SO mad at me and getting a divorce and I knew she was truly devastated by it. Her sister yelled at me and said “What the hell is this???” and I said ‘I’m an artist.’

    When we talk about a calling,

    We’re speaking of an encounter with the divinity, with the deep soul,

    That must be honored.

    The help we need in inner work:




    Active imagination


    This will seed the brain with messages of confidence rather that of pessimism.



    Through my glass painting

    HOW: make them contemplate and meditate on what thy are looking at. Because of my awareness of God and the ability to let go and be myself and see Him when I paint I can pour myself into my painting.

    The love for God I feel when I paint is then put into the world for others to see

    -          Him –


    This will have a domino affect and others will see Him through my paintings. The fact that I am not an artist – I just let go and let God – will help people understand there is so much more to life than what they thought.

    Help people understand that they can get through the tough times. Change is good and other people’s opinions don’t matter. Only theirs about themselves.

    Show people love. Love is everywhere and needs to be noticed. We need top help others and understand we are not all that matters.

    I want to help heal humanity. Show them the little things in life that make them miserable are not important.

    I want to help people get through the pain and misery I’ve been through myself. To give back.

    The real trick to being creative is not about talent, It is about believing in yourself. And letting your creative muse fly. No matter what anyone says. Know you are who you are and they don’t know you so how could they know.

    Our creativity was given to us, by a very  compassionate and benevolent force, as a way to access and express the deepest parts of who we are.

    It is connected to our internal guidance system, known as our intuition, which leads us with unfailing  accuracy to make optimal, positive life choices.

    Creativity is a powerful tool for healing on both spiritual and pshchological levels.














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