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  • This weekend was wonderful! I actually had a great time with my family for the first time because I now have the freedom to be me and ... more
  • 01/04/11 Today has been very exciting. I listened without hiding behind my belief that I am SO Spiritual and some kind of advanced ... more
  • knowing time and death don't exist.

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    Its good to have you as a friend here. Thanks and God bless.

    September 13, 2010
    3:53 PM
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    I'm glad to be your friend. Like you, I thought the world owed me everything. it was only recently, that I realized, I was responsible for my life. I could make my life, a living hell, or a Heaven on earth. I often felt isolated, strange and unloved. I often Identified with the Character "Pink" in "The Wall", I had my own wall to break down. I think the meaning of life is to become aware of the beauty within, to live in the moment. I am still in the early stages, of my personal journey, but I think I am slowly moving forwards. I think we can help each other on our spiritual journeys.

    May 14, 2009
    4:00 PM
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    Good stuff,lets pray Father God hear my prayer as for the heart of this soul seeks the wisdom of your mind give her direstion that will revile the fruit that lies ahead Father i pray that each day she will be Blessed and will carry her cross with your arms wrsped around her and leading her to that place she is to be at the time that is your will Lord give her the words to speak that will show that you are in control and let her master the mind she seeks to go and share in the Name of Jesus i ask and pray Amen.your brother in Christ Dee.

    April 16, 2009
    6:03 AM
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